Diesel, Petrol, Water and Sewerage Pump Out facility Available

24 hours 365 days


Fuel NZ

Safe Berthing, Water and sewage pump out available

The Fuel NZ On-water Fuel Depots at Bayswater Marina and Pine Harbour makes refuelling simple. Located on the starboard side of the entrance to Bayswater Marina, 21 Sir Peter Blake Parade and Pine Harbour, 190 Jack Lachlan Drive. Impact absorbing fenders on the fuel pier allow for safe and easy berthing for refuelling.

The Fuel NZ pumps offer diesel and 91 Octane fuel 24/7. Fuel NZ is a self-service facility, payment is either by way of using an EFTPOS or Credit Card with a 4 digit pin number.

Additional hassle free facilities offered at the Fuel NZ fuel depots include access to water and a brand new sewage pump out facility at Bayswater Marina.

91 Octane